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Personal Training* 

One-on-One Training (60 minutes)                                  $50.00

One-on-One Training (30 minutes)                                  $30.00

Tandem Training (2 person - 60 minutes)                        $40.00 per person

Tandem Training (2 person - 30 minutes)                        $25.00 per person




Small-Group Training*  

(based on 60 minutes sessions)


3 Persons                       $30.00 per person

4 Persons                       $25.00 per person

5 Persons                       $20.00 per person



Online Personal Training


4 weeks                           $120.00 per person

6 weeks                           $165.00 per person

12 weeks                          $300.00 per person


For more details on Online Training Click Here

Group Classes

Classes start at  $10.00 per person. 

See our Classes & Events page for a list of upcoming classes and their associated prices.



Corporate Fitness Classes


Contact Us for pricing and to receive more information.



Prices are listed in Barbados Dollars.


*The rates listed for Personal Training and Small Group Training where sessions are held at

J & S Fitness in Holder's Hill, St. James, Barbados and instructed by Jamil Jones. Prices may vary for sessions outside of J & S Fitness and, or instructed by another fitness professional. Contact PPT Fitness, or your chosen fitness professional, directly, to receive a quotation.






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