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"I never liked exercising, I started skipping PE from 3rd form at secondary school. However, training with Jamil, I have reached a level of fitness I never dreamed possible. I have gained strength and confidence and lost 40 pounds! Jamil is a knowledgeable and gifted trainer who puts his clients at ease. I am proud to be a client of Premium Performance Training."  - Shaunita Jordan (Personal Training)

"Kickboxing with Jamil is one of my favourite classes! It's challenging, but the instructor and the music are so good you don't even feel it. Definitely the best cardio class I've been to, and I look forward to it every week." - Kirsten Da Silva (Group Class)

"I injured my knee in 2017 in a basketball game. I was limping, my knees were sore and I couldn't see how I would be back to full strength on my own so I decided to give the online training a shot. Within a  few months, I was running without knee guards and soon I was back on the court.


These workouts are really great! I moved from a scrawny 'run bout youth' to people asking me who I train with or saying they didn't realise that I had muscles. But I'm happiest with noticeably getting stronger and fitter.


Fast forward 2 years from the injury and I competed in the Barbados Adventure Race, placing in the top 10!


If you're looking to get back on your feet, to get on your feet, to set PBs or just get muscles, Jamil is your guy!" - Marcus  King (Online Training )

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