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Online Training Testimonials  


Janine Gilkes

Goal: Compete again in Bikini Fitness (2019) 


I am forever grateful for Jamil and his online training I received. During the period I took a break from competitions, I had fallen off the wagon as they say, but my goal always remained of returning to the stage and I desperately needed someone to help me reach that goal.

From the moment I approached Jamil and told him my goals, he assured me he could help me get there and asked me to put my trust in him. After our assessment of,and initial interactions, I knew I had made the right choice of a coach. Jamil was very professional and made me comfortable.

The journey was by no means an easy one, it was grueling at some points, but Jamil was very patient with me throughout this journey, and at every step of the way coaching and challenging me along the way. He was available anytime to answer any question I had and trust me there were many!

At times I think he believed in me more than I did, he had so much confidence that I would succeed!  The daily check-ins and pep talks I really appreciated, and at times when emotions ran high, he was there to calm my fears and eradicate any doubts from building up.

This journey had its share of ups and downs, triumphs, and tears. I battled with injuries which hindered progress which sometimes brought a lot of frustrations however Jamil was always there pushing me and kept my eyes on the prize! He offered supported solutions and assisted me in rehabilitating from my injuries.

Working shifts in the hospitality industry were another challenge however Jamil was very understanding and accommodating, and he worked with me and my schedule. With his guidance, I was able to balance work, everyday life, gym time, and my rollercoaster of emotions!

Apart from online coaching, Jamil offered an all encompass service, from diet meal plans, supplying essential supplements, weekly evaluations, prep for show day and so much more than I anticipated.I could not have done this without him.

Jamil’s dedication and discipline to the sport, and his personal achievements is a testament to the type of coaching he offers, and it is to be commended. If you are looking for the best coaching look no further! I could not have asked for a better coach!


Marcus King 

Goal: Recovery from a Basketball Injury & General Fitness Improvement Best Time (2017)


I injured my knee in 2017 in a basketball game. I was limping, my knees were sore and I couldn't see how I would be back to full strength on my own so I decided to give the online training a shot. Within a  few months, I was running without knee guards and soon I was back on the court.


These workouts are really great! I moved from a scrawny 'run bout youth' to people asking me who I train with or saying they didn't realise that I had muscles. But I'm happiest with noticeably getting stronger and fitter.


Fast forward 2 years from the injury and I competed in the Barbados Adventure Race, placing in the top 10!


If you're looking to get back on your feet, to get on your feet, to set PBs or just get muscles, Jamil is your guy!

Damien Reeves

Goal: Improve on his 10K Personal Best Time (2016)


I have Jamil to thank for overcoming my phobia of running. While I like partaking in various sports, running was always a 'no no' with me although I always wanted to try. However, Jamil suggested that I set myself a challenge of competing in the 2015 Run Barbados Series. I had never even run 5K before that but wanted to aim for the 10K, and had just a couple of months to train. Jamil was confident I could get it done based on my results from my first long run, and he designed a programme of running that would build up my stamina and gradually increase my confidence. Over a period of a few weeks, I ran progressively further. Jamil also had me run faster over shorter distances, which would increase my strength at particular stages in the race. The programme was well designed, and it enabled me to complete the 10K race in an acceptable time, with a strong kick at the end. 


Completing the race also gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to run more often independently.  For 2016 I decided to stick with the 10K. Jamil encouraged me to set more demanding targets than what I originally set. Again I followed his recommended programme, which he adjusted according to my performance. Once again I could feel myself getting faster and confident enough to revise targets. Jamil also advised on diet and rest, to make sure I was in the best possible shape for the race.  I took 7 minutes off my 2015 time, which pleased me immensely. Now to see if I can do even better in 2017!



Cheryl Bryan, 50

Goal: To Complete my 1st Ever 5K Run (2016)


My goal and reason for participating in 2016 Run Barbados 5k was basically to complete the circuit. It was not about timing. I wanted to challenge and prove to myself that I could achieve this goal.

This was my second attempt at a 5k run. The first attempt in 2015 was a struggle as I did not follow the training schedule developed by Jamil. Quite frankly, at that time I was not focused and probably only did one training session, and within the first five minutes of the race I had to stop and walk - basically, I walked the entire route...

Not this time - I diligently followed the weekly 3-day running schedule. If I missed any day, I would try to supplement by doing a spin class. About 3 or 4 weeks before the actual race day, in addition to the three practice days, we would do a trial run early on Saturday mornings. The two Saturdays I took part I ran without stopping (more like jog or chip). Of course, Jamil was there to encourage me. This was a confidence booster.

The rest is history. I completed the race - without having to stop and rest or walk. I achieved my goal!! And I must add under an hour!!🤗
I am 50 years old, two-time breast cancer survivor and I am marching on. Until the next challenge ....Hallelujah!!



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