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Group Class Testimonials 


Cardio Kickboxing 



'Challenging class, but quite fun. Great variety: not a single class has been exactly like another. A great workout." Kirtis Luke


"This class is fun, intense, effective for weight loss and Jamil is a great instructor." Danielle Humphries


"Very high impact full-body workout that tones, burns and strengthens all at once." Sonja Goodridge


A well rounded and excellent class in an encouraging environment. The balance of kickboxing techniques with cardio makes for a nice workout. You definitely leave the class feeling as if you have truly put in work!" Shauntelle Fergus


"Excellent class, varied structures, challenging and never gets stale. A must-try." Dawn Alleyne


"Kickboxing with Jamil is one of my favourite classes! It's challenging, but the instructor and the music are so good you don't even feel it. Definitely the best cardio class I've been to, and I look forward to it every week." Kirsten Da Silva


"Complete body workout, high impact, exciting but challenging." Renee White  


"The class is a perfect mix of kickboxing and cardio, especially for anyone who is not keen on cardio. The classes are always different and are not predictable. I feel stronger and would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking for a fun, challenging class." Nadine Bynoe  







'Class is challenging and intense but always enjoyable. There is a variety of moves keeps it interesting. Great workout!" Marva Paul-Springer


"Excellent class. I like the variety of music that is played, and that really encourages you." Rochella Gillings


"Spin tends to be a quadricep centric class; however, Jamil's spin class gives you a total body workout. You also work your upper body and abs all on your bike. Great class!!!" Janet Mahon


"Fantastic workout, great class and a good way to keep fit with the routines. At the end of the class, you are tired but completely satisfied" Rhonda Goring-Gill






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