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Meal Planning Testimonials  

Sylvia Browne-Niles




For a long time, I had been trying to lose weight, but had been quite unsuccessful. I knew that my greatest challenge was not a lack of commitment to exercise but a lack of commitment to a healthy diet.  I had tried several diet programmes in the past, but they always were too restrictive, and before long, I would be back to my old eating habits.  This was not the case with the meal plan I received from Premium Personal Training.  


The first thing that stood out to me when I got the meal plan was the amount of variety that it included.  It didn't seem like a diet at all.  I had submitted the foods that I most liked, and the meal plan incorporated them in small ways that allowed me to indulge a little while maintaining a balanced diet.  I especially liked that it included bread.  I could normally eat bread on a daily basis so, I found it much easier to restrict myself to an allotted meal than to cut it out of my diet completely. 


I was easily able to stick to the meal plan provided, and I lost weight in the process.  I would definitely recommend trying a Premium Personal Training meal plan if you are looking to lose weight but are having trouble with maintaining a balanced diet.


Ann-Marie Warner




The meal plan was extremely easy to follow, and I particularly liked the big breakfast. By following it, I had more confidence in what I was eating and began to get a better understanding of what was needed to eat properly, appropriately and healthy. The meal plan not only gave me the information I needed to help me lose weight but helped me create a sustainable eating habit for life. 




Corey Phillips

Survey Supervisor 



I have found the meal plan from Premium Performance Training easy to use and not overwhelming. I lost 10lbs within the first month of using the plan. It has not felt like a chore with the plan based on foods that I already enjoy with healthier alternatives and better portion control. The personal touch of Jamil, following up to see how it was progressing and advice was greatly appreciated and made the transition to healthier eating choices a lot easier. I would definitely recommend this meal plan to anyone looking to make a healthier change to their life.




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