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Personal Training Testimonials  

Shaunita Jordan, 31



I never liked exercising, I started skipping PE from 3rd form at secondary school. However, training with Jamil, I have reached a level of fitness I never dreamed possible. I have gained strength and confidence and lost 40 pounds! Jamil is a knowledgeable and gifted trainer who puts his clients at ease. I am proud to be a client of Premium Performance Training.

Elizabeth Huggins, 42

Stay At Home Mom 


It wasn't until I started working out with Jamil that I realized how ineffective my previous workouts had been. He creates individual workouts with a lot of variety so that I don't get either bored or lazy and provides me with the motivation that I need to work through the challenging portions of his workouts. After many years of my weight staying the same no matter what I tried, I have finally seen a drop in my weight thanks to Jamil’s training sessions, and I have lost 19 lbs so far. I honestly can’t remember the last time my weight was in the 130s. I enjoy working out again!!!!

Orwin Niles, 70




I commenced training with Jamil after a period of monotonous, unsupervised exercise sessions which left me feeling like if I was simply going to the gym because I knew it was good for my wellbeing. Jamil’s tailored workouts have exceeded my expectations as despite irregular attendance and some indiscipline on my part I have achieved significant body strengthening which has made many of my everyday activities much easier to complete. I am extremely pleased not only with my results but with Jamil’s patience and professionalism, and I look forward to continuing working with him in the future and would highly recommend him as a trainer to anyone (of any age) looking for fitness assistance.  


Tammy Bryan, 41




“I started training with Jamil in June 2009.  In January of 2009, I joined J&S Academy gym and decided to do only cardio because I thought I was too weak to do weight training and I was a little embarrassed to let people see me lifting very light weights!! I was very pleased when Jamil agreed to work with me as he seemed to have a very pleasant personality and I felt comfortable letting him see how weak I was.  I also thought he wouldn’t push me too hard and I could set the pace for the workouts. Boy was I fooled by that pleasant personality!!


Jamil was extremely tough from the outset, always pushing me way further than I ever I imagined I could go.  We did lots of weight training and cardio.  The cardio was intensive, with me using the rower and arc trainer, going at paces I never even dreamed I could go at.  The weight training caused my upper body strength to increase significantly, and my legs became much stronger as well.  Jamil records everything you do and is always able to tell you whether you are improving or not (he does not tolerate lack of improvement!) and compares current times or weights with previous ones.  This is very encouraging as you are able to see your accomplishments in a material way.  He is very demanding as a trainer and extracts energy you never thought you had but always with a smile!  No two workouts are alike.  The workouts always seem well planned and tailored to meet your body’s requirements and your particular goals.


I have surpassed the goals I had set for myself, losing a lot of belly fat acquired during two pregnancies, toning my back, arms and legs and most recently doing very well in the Run Barbados 5k race.  The change in my body is very noticeable and I am constantly getting compliments.  Following my recent annual checkup, the Cardiologist told me I had the heart of a teenager!!  I can bench press without worrying about the weight, and I can very competently use every cardio and weight machine in the gym.


I have had trainers in the past, but they seemed to be just doing a job.  Jamil takes a genuine interest in your goals and helps you to pursue and achieve them as if they are his own, sometimes being keener than you are!!  My recent goal to run the Run Barbados 5k is but one illustration.  I told Jamil that a friend and I decided to run the race.  Jamil immediately tailored my workouts so that I was training for the race.  We ran 5ks in different locations every time.  My time and position in the race are a testament to his commitment to my goals, and I am deeply thankful for his encouragement and support.  He actually ran the race with me!!


I would unreservedly and highly recommend Jamil as a trainer to anyone, especially if you think exercise or being fit is beyond you.”


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